What should you pay attention to when choosing a document translation agency?

How to choose a bureau for document translation?
Choosing a document translation organization is an important task if you want to get a quality result. Indeed, the correctness of the received text depends on the level of training of its specialists. The specificity of the services offered by the translation bureau lies in the fact that the customer’s reputation depends on their quality.

Surface Analysis
With any translation (on technical, medical or other topics), in the end, you need to get a competent text. It must meet the following parameters:

lack of data that was not in the source material;
accuracy of phrases;
preservation of the style of text arrangement;
adherence to the general paperwork;
absence of grammatical, syntactic and other errors.
To get a well-done job, you need to study information about the organization. Acquaintance with a document translation agency consists in analyzing the following points:

website design on the Internet;
the appearance of the company’s office;
literacy of the issued texts;
the qualities on which this bureau competes with other organizations;
the presence of a paid domain;
reputation of the company;
the speed of replies to messages;
the presence of articles on other resources or your own blogs.
What questions should you ask when choosing a contractor?
Having decided on the suitable bureaus, you can proceed to the second stage of selection. A few simple questions will help with this, which will not baffle a serious organization:

What criteria are you guided by when selecting employees?
Do you use additional education to improve the qualifications of your translators?
Can you order work with a text from a representative of the language in which the documents are typed?
How is the quality control of the translation carried out?
Do you use machine translation?
Is the confidentiality of order information and customer personal data maintained?
How do you respond to complaints from people?
Having chosen a suitable bureau, for the sake of reliability, you should first order the translation of one document. After making sure of the quality of the result, you can start working with large amounts of text.