resistance in new ingredients and foods, it is normal

Since your toddler can eat herself, she has the right to take whatever on her plate. Ideally, she has to clean the plate as what you do. But sometimes she does not want to clean the plate. This is fine actually because sometimes she is not hungry yet at the meal time. Snacks and drink especially milk make her stomach full. Another time, she does not want to eat because she feels strange with the foods you serve. So, she only look, touch, smell, and flip the food. In this case, you cannot judge her as the picky eater. What she is doing is observing the food and analyzing the taste and texture. New ingredients and foods should be introduced regularly because she needs to enlarge the food variety to consume. Various food intakes mean that your child will not lack of nutrition.

Another time, your child may be confused because you serve baked potato rather than mash potato. Or she rejects the crispy and crunchy deep fried chicken because it is hard to chew. She may also avoid consume broccoli just because it is dark green and looks like small tree. These examples are considered normal at the beginning of the introduction. However, you should start to worry when she does not want broccoli, carrot, spinach, lettuce, and others regularly. Perhaps it happens because your child is confused about what to eat. Introduce one by one and use some tricks. For example, you can use your child favorite cartoon characters. Show her that the character likes to eat certain foods she doesn’t like. Show that the characters are healthy and can save lots of people due to eating healthy foods. This way works in many cases.

Some children do not like avocado due to the smooth texture, while some others do not want watermelon since it is too watery. Other children hate grape since they find and chew the seeds and feel the bitter taste. Certain kinds of oranges have seeds inside and this makes the children have to be careful in peeling and eating. These examples make some children resist to those fruits. So, when you want to introduce these fruits to your child, choose the way that will make her comfortable. For example, you can help her peel and throw the seeds of oranges and grapes. Take her to the grocery on the fruit department. Let her look various fresh fruits and see many people who are purchasing them. This will increase her self confidence in consuming new ingredients and foods.