Grammar-translation method

This is the traditional school method: we read, translate english to tamil, rewrite. Boring and useless. It was originally used to teach dead languages. This already speaks volumes. The grammar-translation method focuses on the study of phonetics and the rules of the language, but does not teach it in practice[0]. After training in this technique, a person does not understand and does not speak a foreign language. This method creates the same language barrier that interferes with communication. This is because in the learning process you work mainly in writing. You memorize different constructions, you know how to beautifully express your thoughts on paper, but in reality you cannot pronounce even a word.

A common situation: a person who is confident in his knowledge of English travels abroad and cannot say anything. If this has happened to you, don’t beat yourself up. Most likely you have become a victim of the grammar-translation method. Don’t worry, all is not lost. Pay more attention to practicing listening and speaking. This is how you develop sagging skills.

This technique also has a positive side: it provides a solid base. Grammatical constructions link words in a language, and without them the logic of the narrative is lost. The trick is to translate knowledge from theory into practice: to combine the grammar-translation method with others. The next time you teach the rule, immediately say the example out loud. They learned a new word – make a sentence with it, and so on in everything.