be a good role model for the picky eater

You should not be panic when you keep noticing that your child does not want to eat certain food. Analyze what foods she does not like. If you find that she rejects healthy foods and asks for the unhealthier, you need to find the solution as soon as possible before it affects her health condition. The solution is given based on the reasons why she does not want certain foods. Of course, you are forbidden to serve hot and spicy foods at the beginning of her eating experience. Chili and pepper are two seasoning that have to be avoided for the children’s food because they create food resistance.

In preparing the food for your child, make sure you cut the vegetables and meat in smaller shape. This will ease her to put the food on her mouth and avoid choking hazard. Bigger sized vegetables are allowed if you want to make them as finger foods. Having bad experience during eating creates resistance in eating certain foods. So, basically picky eater is not about the types of food but the way you cook and serve to your child. Another thing you need to evaluate is your eating habit. Do you eat various foods or not? Do you like certain foods and avoid the others or not? Or do you like junk food more than fresh food? By answering these questions, you will get the answer why you have to deal with the picky eater. It is just because you are the picky eater also.

You are the role model of your child. If you do not like green vegetables and do not eat these vegetables in front of your child, she will never eat them also although you have tried hard to convince her how delicious and healthy they are. Your child will look at you and imitate the way you eat. If this is the reason you need to deal, you have no more choice except starting to eat more vegetables, healthier foods, and more variety of foods. If you do this in front of your child, she will understand and believe that broccoli or carrot is delicious, lettuce and peas are the same yummy, and cabbage and bean sprout are tasteful. Trust yourself that you can do this not just as a role model of your child but also for your overall personal health.